Machine Learning Could Support Identification of Security Concerns, Cyber Threats

April 10, 2019

Hikvision Tips to Mitigate Risk, Reduce Security Concerns

Hikvision Tips to Mitigate Risk, Reduce Security Concerns


In “The Role of Machine Learning in Cybersecurity,” machine learning is presented as a tool that could teach machines to identify security concerns such as malware and other cyber threats, according to the article in Security magazine.

“To keep up with modern attackers, security needs to evolve alongside them–without relying on human intervention. That’s where AI’s math and machine learning have the advantage. Classifying “benign” files from “malicious” based on mathematical risk factors, allows one to teach a machine to make the appropriate characterization of these files in real time,” said John McClurg, the article’s author and the VP of BlackBerry's/Cylance’s Office of Security and Trust, in the article.

Computer science is relatively consistent and looking at software development processes of large vendors such as Microsoft can aid in pattern recognition.

“Humans have neither the brainpower nor the physical endurance to keep up with the volume and sophistication of modern threats,” McClurg added. Machine learning can improve speed and accuracy of behavioral and vulnerability analysis.

Click here to read the whole article.

For more about addressing cyber threats, read the Hikvision blog “How Employees Become the Greatest Threat for Cyber Vulnerabilities, Ways to Mitigate Cyber Risk.” The article offers tips to mitigate risk, reduce security concerns, and improve cyber practices.

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