• 01

    Building Entrances:

    Biometric access control technologies to ensure only verified and authorized students and staff have entrance to facilities.

  • 02

    Library & Computer Rooms:

    Ultra-low-light cameras capture details and activity in dim lighting, where traditional camera technologies do not.

  • 03


    Clear visibility and high video quality even in harsh sunlight and high contrast conditions, which is often the case in school lobby areas.

  • 04


    Hikvision’s mini camera is discreet and features 90-degree rotation mode for vertical-perspective areas, which ensures that students, not walls, are captured within the camera’s scene.

  • 05

    Parking Areas:

    Ultra-low-light, four-in-one imaging cameras cover entire parking areas, which allows better coverage with far fewer cameras.

  • 06

    Vehicle Access Control:

    License Plate Recognition camera with list filtering manages authorized entry and exit, ensuring only pre-authorized student and facility vehicles enter parking lots.

  • 07

    Perimeter Sports Areas:

    High performance PTZ and PanoVu cameras provide potent surveillance across large open areas, providing school resource officers with a higher level of situational awareness when large crowds are in attendance.

  • 08

    First Responder:

    HikCentral mobile applications allow first responders the ability to remotely view video footage via smart devices.

Technology that Ensures Student Safety & Security is our No.1 Priority

Educational institutions in North America increasingly face safety and security concerns with the unfortunate rise in violent crimes against students, faculty, and campus visitors. Installing a comprehensive security solution can enable a school to focus on education, knowing the campus is secured.

Safety in Prevention

Hikvision campus solutions can deter theft, vandalism, bullying, and violence, and also provide administrators with actionable intelligence and response capabilities designed to limit the impact of those intent on inflicting damage, pain and suffering.

High Quality,Advanced Technology for Budget-Conscious Security Needs

Our price advantages provide schools the ability to deploy more life-saving technology while meeting budget requirements. Providing this level of savings coupled with Hikvision’s less than one percent technology failure rate ensures school systems are gaining quality while being good stewards of public funding.

Need help or support with a project?

Hikvision’s Project Registration puts our partners in direct contact with their local representatives; allowing for quick and easy project support.

Hikvision Solutions for Safe Schools:

One of the most important steps in creating a safe and secure campus environment is ensuring that only authorized students, faculty, and visitors can access school grounds. Hikvision access control technology capabilities include:

  • List of Staff and Students
  • Knowing Who Goes Where and When
  • Student and Teacher Tracking Capability
  • Visitor Management
  • Exterior Entrance Controls
  • Personnel Authentication

Hikvision access control solutions enable school systems to grant access only to authorized personnel. Hikvision provides a full line of access control readers, panels, and credentials perfectly suited to educational facilities. Hikvision’s advanced technologies include:

  • Access Control Systems
  • Vehicle Barrier Gates
  • Biometric Access Control
  • License Plate Recognition Systems


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